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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Focus of 2011

Wow - we have made it to 2011. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed! Where are the hover boards from Back to the Future? Where are the space ships from 2010: The Year We made Contact? For that matter, where is the space ship from 2001: A Space Odyssey? We are WAY behind that film. Where are the computer systems from numerous other Sci-fi movies that came out a few decades ago?

However, as we move into 2011, I have come up with a resolution that challenges me to the core. It is actually pretty simple. Focus on people not on technology. I am a tech addict. I love techy things. The newer and cooler the better! I was blessed beyond belief this Christmas with techy things. I got a mini remote controlled helicopter. I got a bunch of DVD's and Blu-rays to add to my collection. I have recently been able to purchase a Droid Incredible phone (for work of course). Yet, I wanted more. I found myself on Amazon.com right after Christmas looking at other stuff I could buy (with gift cards...but still!).

Then I started reading two books that are rocking my world. They are both by Francis Chan. Crazy Love we are doing in all our Life Groups, as a Sunday School class as well as a Sermon Series. The Forgotten God we are reading through as a church staff. In both those books there is an emphasis on being different. If we are truly temples of the Holy Spirit, how can we look the same as everybody else? If the Spirit of Christ actually lives inside of us how can people not immediately know who we are and who we follow?

All around us there are people who are needy and hurting. What are we doing to meet those needs? If you are like me, you are sitting on Amazon.com looking at the next cool techy "need" that I have...completely oblivious to the needs around me. Or maybe, like me, you try to comfort yourself with the idea that you are oblivious to them, all the while you know exactly what needs are out there AND DON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM!

Walk with me in 2011 as I think and pray about how to be more like Christ, more filled with the Spirit, more aware to needs and most importantly, willing to do something to meet those needs!

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  1. I'm with you, Dave. I am very new to Dallas, as you know, so I tell myself I have an excuse for not knowing where the needs are. I would love to link up with you and others to find the needs and serve them.