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Friday, April 16, 2010

Facts or Fettucine? That is the question!

Blogging, Twitter, FaceSpace & MyBook :-),
Who came up with such a concept? Personal information that no one really cares about, put out there for everyone to see. If we are completely honest, we don't care that you dreamed of swimming in chocolate, that your colon needs cleansing, or that you broke up with your significant other/got together with your significant other, have complications with your significant other (you can tell I work with youth!!!) etc.

However, for some strange reason, it seems that we cannot get enough of the above mentioned news items! They have become more significant than the possibility that Iran is going to nuke the rest of the world, that the NASA Moon Missions have been canceled, or that there has been an alarming increase in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and avalanches around the globe!

Because we suddenly care about these things, and blogs are so much more fun than newspapers, I am launching a new blog where we can talk about all the insignificant and significant topics that my Italian mind can come up with. It may be daily, weekly, monthly - who knows! So, be ready for the "Pasta" specials that will be coming your way!

Stay tuned because it's about to get good!

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