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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Port Chilkoot Bible Church

Hello All,

Yesterday, Pastor Ben and I had a fantastic conversation with Pastor Bill Diggins of Port Chilkoot Bible Church of Haines Alaska. This is the church we will be ministering with while in Alaska this summer.

The town of Haines is around 2,200 people. It is a stop on the route of some tour boats and so has a tourist section during the summer. However, there hasn't been a missions team in to this church in a number of years. Pastor Bill has been at the church for a year and a half and has attracted younger families to a more elderly congregation. They have a High School group of around 12 students and a J-High group of between 15-20 students.

They are excited about us coming and can't wait to partner with us in ministry. Be praying for the people of Haines, the Port Chilkoot Bible Church, and our team as we make preparations for this incredible trip.

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