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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Challenging Teens to Evangelize!

One of the things we push often and hard at youth group is reaching out to friends. We try and teach evangelism at ever opportunity. Last weekend, we had out Mission: Alaska Spring Retreat. This retreat brought all the mission teams from Oregon and southern Washington together to train for the summer trips. Brian Aaby asked the youth pastors a very thought provoking question: "Are you modeling evangelism to your students?" Wow! What am I doing to fulfill the great commission? Am I simply "fulfilling" it by telling students how to do it? Or is the command to "go and make disciples" more specific?

What are we doing to reach the lost? Do we pray a lot? Do we tell our children to reach their friends? Do we live a good life and hope someone drops to their knees and accepts Christ because we are such great people? That is not enough! We need to once again see the lost for what they are, LOST! We may be the only thing standing in between them and an eternity separated from God. Let's get out there and work people!

You can pray for our neighbors Frank and Barbara. They are our missions field! Pray for opportunities as our schedules seldom seem to match up. Pray for boldness to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves!

Who can we be praying for you for?

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