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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wheels up in 1 Day 19 Hours and BOOM

Have you ever heard the phrase, it never rains it pours? Us Oregonians know exactly what that means in the literal and figurative sense. However, it is the figurative sense that I want to talk about right now.

Many of our adults are leaving families behind. Some of those families are beginning to get stressed all because of the little phrase we just mentioned. Sunday, we have the both sides of the family coming over to celebrate Callie's dedication and the 4th. Our dishwasher breaks! Not only do we have tons of dishes to wash by hand, but we have to buy and have installed a new dishwasher after a holiday weekend and before I leave.

At the Pearce household, their air conditioner just went out last night. So on the hottest day of summer this year, no AC and it won't be fixed until tomorrow. And yes, Kenny is leaving on Friday! To make matters worse, the allergies Kenny was experiencing - not allergies but rather a cold.

So, be praying for Amy/Callie, Jodie/Parker and the Andersons, Gollys, Potloffs who all have families without dads/husbands back home! Not to mention all the other families who's students will be gone to Alaska! Also pray for the Lanyons who are leaving Luke at home while they do the missions trip and then stay for a week of vacation!

We appreciate your prayers and would love you to check in on our families while we are gone!

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